Introduction to Academic Word List

Hi! My full name is Le Thao Nhi.I am here to bring to you a new course of 20 Academic words. I hope you will enjoy learning these 20 words and take more advantages of using it 🙂

Here is the list of our 20 Academic words in the next 20 videos.

  1. trigger
  2. unified
  3. violation
  4. vision
  5. adjacent
  6. albeit
  7. assembly
  8. collapse
  9. colleagues
  10. compiled
  11. conceived
  12. convinced
  13. depression
  14. encountered
  15. enormous
  16. forthcoming
  17. inclination
  18. integrity
  19. intrinsic
  20. invoked

In each video, you will be given the meaning of the word, its synonyms, antonyms, word family, examples of the word using in some specific situations. Besides, there are many photos, pictures to illustrate the word which make you interested in watching and learning.


Thao Nhi



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