Mobile learning is the ability to obtain or provide educational content on personal pocket devices such as PDAs, smartphones and mobile phones. Educational content refers to digital learning assets which includes any form of content or media made available on a personal device.


Mobile learning using handheld computers is in its infancy in terms of both technologies and pedagogies. As a result there is still some dispute amongst industry advocates in how mobile learning should be defined: in terms of devices and technologies; in terms of the mobility of learners and the mobility of learning, and in terms of the learners’ experience of learning with mobile devices.


Most researchers and educators probably view mobile learning as the immediate descendant of e-learning. Pinkwart, et al. (2003) for example, defines e-learning as ‘learning supported by digital “electronic” tools and media’, and by analogy, mobile learning as ‘elearning that uses mobile devices and wireless transmission’.


You can watch this video for more information:

Source: http://www.mobl21.com/Basics_Of_Mobile_Learning.pdf



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