Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages!

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What is it? Kahoot! is a tool for using technology to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys. It is a game based classroom response system played by the whole class in real time. Multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen. Students answer the questions with their smartphone, tablet or computer.


How do you get it? Go to getkahoot.com. Press on the large purple “GET MY FREE ACCOUNT” button. Fill in your role (teacher), your school or university, create a username, supply your email and select a password. How to use Kahoot! You create the quiz, survey or discussion item. After you have created an account, you will see a screen with three icons for a quiz, discussion item or survey. Make your selection and build your game. Questions have a 95-character limit and have up to four answer options. Select the correct answer by pressing the red ³Incorrect´button. It will turn green and say ³Correct´. Choose a time limit between 5 and 120 seconds. You may embed an image or a YouTube video. Continue to add and edit questions using the toolbar on the bottom of the screen. To complete the quiz, select “Next” and follow the instructions. You may add a cover image and you select whether you want to make your game public or private. You are now ready to launch your game. Your Kahoot games are saved in My Kahoots. You then select the game you want to launch and press the Play button. Students login to the game using their smart phone or computer. Kahoot! displays a game pin to join the quiz (see example below). Students enter the game pin on their device and create a username that will display as the game progresses.


You can see the results of your quizzes in the My Kahoot section. Click on the purple cloud next to the game plays. If you allowed students to select a user name, you will want them to share that name with you so you can track the results. How can you use Kahoot in classroom instruction?

1. Create a quiz to reinforce learning outcomes.

2. You can create a game to introduce a topic. It can help you discover what the students already know and where you should focus your instruction.

3. It works best with short, quick response questions. It is a great tool for learning terminology.

4. The frequently asked questions section does address using the game in online instruction. Online students would need to load Kahoot on their machines and use a different device to play the game.

5. Survey the students about something you are discussing in your unit of study. For example, I could display choices a controller is facing that may or may not be ethical. The students would select whether or not they believe the controller made an ethical business decision. We would then discuss the results.

6. Create a quiz to use as a study session for an upcoming exam.

7. You can play the game a second time using a “ghost”. The game plays the same as previously but now the students are playing against their first responses and hoping to improve their score.


The games bring a lot of interaction to the classroom. You are in control of advancing the questions allowing you the opportunity to build discussion time between questions. The majority of students enjoy the competitive nature of the game and comment that it helps them retain concepts.

This is a video to guide you

An example of my made-product on Kahoot!, access to this link:





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