Google Drive

Store your files securely and access them from any device using Google Drive. You can also open and edit your files from any device. You automatically get 15 GB of storage for free and you can buy more storage.


Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. It allows users to store files, synchronize files across devices, and share files. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more.
Google Drive was launched on April 24, 2012, and had 240 million monthly active users in October 2014. Google said in September 2015 that they had over one million organizational paying users of Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

  • A cloud storage and collaboration service from Google
  • Access your stored files online from anywhere with any device
  • Supports all web browsers and both Android or iOS devices
  • 5Gb of free storage with additional storage may be purchased
  • You can create, edit and share files with people all over the world
  • Integration with top applications!


How will it work?

  • Seamlessly import and export mind map files between Google Drive and MindMeister
  • Create, share and co-edit mind maps directly in Google Drive
  • Attach documents directly from Google Drive to topics in a mind map
  • Bulk export compressed mind map files to Google Drive
  • Auto-sync maps with all devices and clients
  • Share and collaborate on mind maps with Google contacts
  • Create MindMeister accounts and sign in directly using your Google account 


Below is a video to guide you how to use Google Drive in detail:


We’re on Google Drive!


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